Soft enamel pin-IMKGIFT

Soft enamel pins (also known as ’embossed enamel pins’) are low-cost and top quality die struck pins with raised metal and recessed enamel, which is filled in enamel color by hand.

Custom soft enamel pins are popular choices for an array of occasions, from corporate identity and destination souvenirs to employee recognition and team trading pins.

✤ Custom Shapes and Sizes

✤ Full Color – Up to You

✤ Cheap Soft Enamel Price

✤ No Minimum Order From 1 Soft Enamel Pin

✤ 8-10 Days Production + 2-3 Days Free Delivery


Stamping Molding

Make a molded metal and cut shape. Then color by hand with a small brush or needle.

Add Enamel Colors

To add gold or nickel to a metal plate. Thin metal lines separate each color. Then heat it to a very high temperature to harden it.


The raised metal areas are highly polished to give them a sheen, while the recessed metal areas are in turn coated with enamel paint using syringes of different sizes.

Polishing or Dried

Hard enamel is polished again to make the metal surface smooth, while the soft enamel is dried directly and becomes uneven.

Cleaning and Baking

Remove the burrs of stamping and polish it until it is smooth and shiny. Finally, make bright, smooth hard, or uneven soft enamel hat pins.

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