PVC Badges

Want to promote your own charity or awareness campaign? We can also help you make your own custom rubber pvc  to screen-print, emboss, or deboss your own messaging and logos. Silicone wristbands are stylish fashion accessories that serve as highly-visible promotional opportunities and are a go-to choice for fundraising. In fact, some of the most successful awareness campaigns in history have utilized rubber wristbands. Silicone awareness wristbands can last for years with and are completely water-resistant.

Manufactuer : YMKYMK

PVC rubber sealalso known as drip plastic chapter, PVC chapter, or rubber standard. Through carving mold, high temperature finalize the design and other processes produced, generally used to promote and establish the company’s brand Peugeot image, for brand expression in recent years more prominent means.

Product features:

1. Flexible expression, full of three-dimensional effect.

2. The products produced are fine, practical and good–looking, and the colors are bright.

3. It has a very good water vapor diffusion function and will not absorb water from the air

4. Extrusion resistance, a certain elasticity and soft flexibility, no matter how you squeeze it, the shape will not change.

7. Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wide use and no climate temperature difference and other restrictions.



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