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What are embroidered emblems and badges or patches for?

Embroidered emblems and badges, patches are badges on which a logo / design is stitched, which you can sew on clothing, vest, cap, hat, glove, bag etc, iron on (with iron-on layer) or stick on (with velcro or velcro).

Embroidered emblems and badges or patches give a classic and 3D look. They are very suitable for, among other things, soldiers, police, emergency services, astronauts, associations, sports clubs, scouting groups, companies, etc.

Because embroidered emblems and badges or patches are made with slightly thicker threads / threads and your design or logo is stitched onto the surface of the badges, they are very suitable for clean, clear and simple designs. If your design contains many details and fine letters, we recommend the woven badges.

Via 3 simple steps you can have perfectly personalized emblems and badges or patches made with us:

Send your application today.
Then you will receive a price proposal and / or working drawing within 24 hours.
Within 2-4 days you will receive the photos of the test sample for approval and delivery in approx. 2-3 weeks.
We can supply badges, patches and emblems from 10 pieces, in all shapes and sizes. Our customers consist of:

Large and small companies
Government agencies
Advertising agencies
Fashion designers
Sports associations
Scouting associations
Motor / bike clubs
Carnival associations
Difference between embroidered and woven badges


With woven badges, the threads are very fine and can show more details and the logos are woven just like threads of clothing and the surface is flat. During embroidery, the threads are stitched on top of the fabric, which gives you a 3D feeling. With embroidered badges you should take into account that we need at least approx. 2 mm space to optimally display a letter. Woven badges are thinner and more flexible. Embroidered badges are thicker and firmer. You could say embroidered badges look more like a painting and woven badges look like a digital poster. We prefer embroidered badges over woven badges if you want to use the badges as breast badges for example. Only in case the badges are too small and there are many details in the design, we will recommend our customers to make woven badges or printed badges.

When your design has color gradient, they will be simplified when we make it as emborodiering of woven badges. In case your design has complex color gradient and you want to have the color gradient in your badges, then you sahll consider have your badges made as sublimation printing badges.

What should you pay attention to when designing embroidered emblems and badges or patches?
Embroidered emblems and badges or patches are great for simple designs with clear colors and lines.
For example, we need approx. 2 mm to 3 mm space to embroider a letter clearly.
No color overflow can be displayed when embroidering.
We can embroider the badges up to 9 colors as standard.
If you provide us the PMS color codes of your design, we can match the color of the threads mor closely to your design.




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