LEAD THE NEED DISTRICT 317E 2023-2024-Soft enamel pins

Partner with Imkgift ‘s graphic design experts to create the perfect lapel pin for your organization. A semi-cloisonné lapel pin is metal with brightly filled colors and a smooth, polished finish. A metal border must separate all colors. All custom lapel pin orders are subject to a $40-50 set-up mould charge.


  • Stamping Molding
  • Make a molded metal and cut shape. Then color by hand with a small brush or needle.
  • Add Enamel Colors
  • To add gold or nickel to a metal plate. Thin metal lines separate each color. Then heat it to a very high temperature to harden it.
  • Polishing
  • The raised metal areas are highly polished to give them a sheen, while the recessed metal areas are in turn coated with enamel paint using syringes of different sizes.
  • Polishing or Dried
  • Hard enamel is polished again to make the metal surface smooth, while the soft enamel is dried directly and becomes uneven.
  • Cleaning and Baking
  • Remove the burrs of stamping and polish it until it is smooth and shiny. Finally, make bright, smooth hard, or uneven soft enamel hat pins.

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