Die Struck pins A-2

The process to create Die Struck Lapel Pins begins with the creation of a custom die of your lapel pin design. Then a sheet of copper, brass, or iron is stamped using the die, which creates a deep impression of your design in the metal. Cut-to-shape molds are made separately and used to stamp out the pin design impressions in the outline of the finished design. Plating the pins comes next. For this type of pin, the most common platings are high polished gold, nickel (silver), black nickel, and copper.

A stamping die is used to cut shapes from a sheet of metal. A sharp-edged die is placed on the metal and hammered until it cuts through the underlying metal. These dies sometimes have a design on them that is embossed into the metal shape that is being cut.
Jewelry that has been formed by striking gold, silver, or platinum sheets in a die or between two dies is die struck. This compresses the molecules and forces the metal into every crevice of the die. The result is a highly detailed, strengthened metal object that easily takes a high polish.

Die struck rings are normally produced by taking a blank, flat piece of formed metal, and striking it into an engraved metal die. The pattern is forced into the metal, and the process often produces high-quality mountings that hold up very well over the years. The mountings are formed into a ring shape by additional striking or forming. The weight/pressure of the presses used varies, as does quality.

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